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Britannia’s Instructors generally use the Test Center located in Tolworth for their pupils driving test. Our Instructors know all the DSA test routes and will give driving lessons over the routes running up to the pupils test. Test Routes are subject to alteration at the discretion of the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

DSA Driving Test Route Tolworth

  • Setting off from Tolworth Test Centre, take a right turn onto Douglas Road
  • Douglas Road will become Dennan Road after taking another right
  • This time we are testing your counting skills and you are required to take the 2nd right into Ellerton Road
  • Back to basics and another right turn this time onto Ditton Road
  • Mixing things up a bit, indicate to the left this time and see signs for Ewell Road
  • Back to the right turns and the examiner will expect to see signs for Hollyfield Road
  • Go along Hollyfield Road, you need to keep your eyes peeled as after a left turn you will find yourself on King Charles Road
  • Drive sensibly now, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of King Charles, don’t stop until you get to the end of the road, breath and turn right
  • Villiers Avenue is where you are positioned and when you approach the mini roundabout, turn left
  • Now on Lingfield Avenue, at the first set of traffic lights no need to use your indicator, go straight ahead and at the next set of traffic lights, indicate right
  • Now you are on Surbiton Road
  • Remembering to check your mirrors, take a left turn into Surbiton Crescent, watch out for the traffic lights, signal right and turn into Maple Road
  • Maple just gets me thinking of pancakes, but enough about food, another set of lights and a left turn into Brighton Road
  • Not sure you can see the sea from here, so continue driving until the third road on the right
  • You are now on Lovelace Road, no time for romance with the examiner, concentrate and take a left onto Cockran Road
  • Nice and easy another left and you will be on Woodlands Road
  • Left again onto Ashcombe Avenue
  • Left, left, left, only kidding just one left onto Langley Avenue
  • Time for a change, at the mini roundabout take the 4th exit and see signs for Upper Brighton Road
  • Back to the left turns and go onto St Matthews Avenue
  • St Matthews Avenue will become Upper Brighton Road / Hook Road after another left turn
  • 2nd left this time will bring you out on Thornhill Road
  • At the mini roundabout watch out for the lions as you take a left onto Red Lion Road
  • No time for distractions, take the 2nd right into Hamilton Avenue
  • At the crossroads continue ahead, followed by a right onto Oakleigh Way
  • A left off Oakleigh Way will lead you to Tolworth Broadway / Ewell Road
  • Super close now, go straight ahead at the traffic lights, take the 5th right and turn into Douglas Road
  • Do you remember the name, because Douglas Road means you have finished the test
map Tolworth Driving Test CentreDouglas House
1b Douglas Road

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Driving Test Centre Details : Ramped access to driving test centre. Unisex toilet facilities.The Britannia group covers Driving Schools Tolworth (KT6) with both Automatic and Manual Lessons and crash courses.

Areas covered include:Hook, Surbiton, Berrylands Long Ditton, Ditton Hill and surrounding areas

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