Welcome to Britannia Driving School Clapham SW4. Britannia’s Mission is to Provide Quality Driving Lessons and 6 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Clapham SW4 by Local Male and Female Driving Instructors.

Britannia Driving School Clapham SW4

Britannia Driving School Covers Clapham with Manual and Automatic Dual Controlled Cars

Areas Covered by Britannia Driving School Clapham: 

Clapham, Clapham Common, Clapham South, Clapham North, Lavender Hill, Clapham Old Town and Clapham Junction.

Britannia Driving School Clapham Testimonial: 

“Elliot-Thank you for all your help with my driving lessons and for helping me to pass my driving test first time! I can still hear your voice when I’m driving around Clapham…check mirrors, look well ahead. I couldn’t have passed the test without you! I’m so, so, so happy and relieved. Thank you Elliot and Britannia Driving School Clapham.”Rufus Neysmith-Clapham, London

Driving Test Tip by Britannia Driving School Clapham: 

Use of Mirrors-The examiner will be checking that you use the mirrors correctly when you drive, including use of the Mirrors-Signal-Manoeuvre (M-S-M) routine.

Before signalling, check the position of traffic and any pedestrians around and behind you.

Signal:  Indicate in good time demonstrating your intention to slow down, change course or stop.

Manoeuvre: If safe to do so, execute the intended manoeuvre (e.g. changing speed or direction)

Areas Used to Practice Manoeuvres by our Driving Instructors in Clapham 

Our DSA (Driving Standards Agency) licensed Male and Female driving instructors will develop beginners driving skills progressively using a number of practice areas in and around Clapham.

Moving off Stopping: Atkins Road before Wear Road Roundabout is a good place to practice Moving off Stopping/Mirror use by the novice learner driver. Lavendar Hill near Clapham Junction can be used to practice Uphill and Downhill Starts.

Turn in the Road: (wrongly known as a three point turn): The turn in the road can be rehearsed in Thorton Road Clapham.

Reversing: (into a limited opening): Where Thorton Road meets Copthorn Avenue is a suitable corner to do left and right hand reverses.

Reverse Park: Honeybrook Road is ideal for Reverse Park practice.

Emergency Stop: A good place to train for the Emergency Stop is Rudloe Road.

Driving Test Centre MordenMost Favored Driving Test Centre by our Clapham Driving Instructors
Morden Test Centre Address
10 Tudor Drive

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Britannia Driving School Clapham can guide you to driving test success with hourly driving lessons or our 6 day intensive driving course on manual or automatic cars. We also have a quick test booking service for both We also have a quick test booking service for both theory and practical driving tests.

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