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Britannia Driving School in Staines

“I had no previous driving experience before starting with Britannia. From the very first lesson I was made to feel comfortable. I was impressed by Steve’s structured lessons, which were pitched to suit my level of skills and experience. I passed my test first time, and feel confident with being on the road, even driving through the busy areas of Staines and London. I will recommend Steve and Britannia Driving School in Staines to everyone.”

Driving Test Tip: Safe Place to Stop
The examiner will be watching how you use the M-S-M routine, and your judgment in selecting a safe place to stop.Things you must do: (1) Use the M-S-M routine (2) Select a safe place to stop where you won’t obstruct the road or create a hazard (3) Stop close to the edge of the road.Some dont’s: (1) don’t stop without sufficient warning to other road users. (2) Don’t cause a danger or inconvenience to other road users.

DSA Driving Test Route in Isleworth – You’re Nearest Test Centre – Recommended by Our Instructors in Staines

  • Starting at the Test Centre Isleworth (oh the suspense of not knowing which route you will get)
  • From Worton Hall, you need to turn left onto Worton Road
  • Going along Worton Road, take a right and find yourself positioned on Heath Road
  • You won’t stay on Heath Road for long, taking the first left into Tudor Road
  • Turn left back onto Heath Road (examiners do like to play games)
  • At the mini roundabout, continue straight ahead as you want to reach the end of Heath Road
  • Turning left will bring you out onto Hounslow Road (don’t worry, you are still in Isleworth)
  • Carrying on straight ahead, you will end up on Whitton High Street, which will eventually become Percy Road
  • When you reach the set of traffic lights, go straight ahead onto Powder Mill Lane
  • Once on Powder Mill Lane, turn left onto Cheyne Avenue
  • On Cheyne Avenue, turn right onto Lyndhurst Avenue
  • Then on Lyndhurst Avenue, turn left onto Hanworth Road (left, right, left, right, I feel like Sergeant Major)
  • Now for an easy one, Hanworth Road will become Hounslow Road, so just keep driving in the same direction
  • On Hounslow Road, you need to take a right turn into Pevensey Road
  • Another left will bring you onto Eastbourne Road (again don’t worry you should still be in Isleworth, not down by the pier)
  • Left again (I promise you are not going round in circles) will lead you onto Little Park Drive
  • At the end of this road, another left will bring you onto Hounslow Road
  • Hounslow Road requires you to make another left turn, this time onto Uxbridge Road
  • Straight ahead at the traffic lights continue onto Hampton Road West
  • At the roundabout, indicate left onto the A316 Slip Road which will become A316 Chertsey Road
  • When you locate the roundabout, continue straight ahead still on the A316 Chertsey Road
  • Now take a left turn on the next roundabout onto Whitton Road
  • A right turn at the next roundabout (however, this is only a mini one) will put you on Rugby Road
  • I hope you like roundabouts , as there is another one, this time take a left onto Whitton Dene
  • A mini roundabout will be seen, a right turn is needed and you will find yourself on Hall Road
  • Hall Road becomes Worton Road and a right here brings you back to Isleworth Test Centre
  • You have reached your destination!
  • Congratulations!
Isleworth Practical Driving Test Centre Nearest Driving Test Centre to Staines (TW18) Isleworth Driving Test Centre
Worton Hall
Worton Road

Pass Rate:



Driving Test Centre Details : Three Steps access, special arrangements made for candidates with mobility impairment.
Signed area for candidate parking.
No toilet facilities.

Areas covered include Laleham, Thorpe, Egham, Virginia Water, Fordbridge, Trumps Green, Castle End, Stanwell, Ashford

Britannia Driving School Covering Driving Instructors Staines (TW18) will steer you to driving test success with our 6 day intensive driving course on manual or automatic cars. We can also arrange quick Theory and Driving Test dates.