Welcome to Britannia Driving School Hampton TW12. Our mission is to provide affordable driving lessons and intensive courses in Hampton TW12 by Local Male and Female Driving Instructors.

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Britannia Driving School Covers Hampton TW12 with Male and Female Driving Instructors

Areas Covered by Britannia Driving School Hampton: Hampton Central, Hampton Hill, Hampton Court and Hampton Wick and surrounding areasBritannia Driving School Hampton Testimonial:

“I passed my driving test first time; thanks to Jon who is a fantastic instructor. He was punctual, patient and funny on every lesson. He not only built my confidence in driving, but I also had miles of smiles with him. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the office staff at Britannia Driving School Hampton for all their help in arranging driving lessons”

Ms J Matthew – Hampton, Middlesex

Driving Test Tip by Britannia Driving School Hampton: Speed Control, Making Progress

Speed Control: Things you must do

Drive at a safe speed and comply with all speed limits.

Maintain a safe stopping distance behind the vehicle ahead of you.

Increase the stopping distance on wet or slippery roads.

Some Don’ts

Don’t drive too fast or too slowly for the traffic conditions.

Don’t change speed unpredictably.

Making Progress: Things you must do

Make progress by driving at a realistic speed.

Keep up with traffic around you.

Show confidence and sound judgement.

Drive in accordance with the road traffic signs and speed limits.

Adjust your speed according to the type of road, the traffic, the weather and visibility.

Some Don’ts

Don’t hold up the traffic by driving too slowly.

Don’t wait too long when it’s safe to move off.

Don’t hold up traffic by reducing speed too soon when you approach a junction.

Areas Used to Practice Manoeuvres by Our Driving Instructors in Hampton

Britannia’s DVSA (Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency) licensed instructors will teach novice drivers to develop skills progressively using a number of practice areas in and around Hampton.

Moving off Stopping: Ormond Avenue off Station Road is a good place to practice Moving Off, Stopping/Mirror use by the novice learner driver.

Turn in the Road The turn in the road can be practised at the dead end of Buckingham Road by Old Farm Road.

Reversing around corners Where Buckingham Road meets Dupes Close is a suitable corner to practice left hand reverse and where Buckingham Road meets Tangley Park Road is a good corner for the right hand reverse.

Reverse Park: Holly Bush Lane is perfect for the Reverse Park exercise.

Bay Parking: Langley Park Road access the rear park to Sainsburys, this is a good place to practice bay parking at quiet times.

Emergency Stop: A suitable place to practice the Emergency Stop is Buckingham Road

Tolworth Driving Test CentreMost Favoured Driving Test Centre by our Hampton Driving Instructors
Tolworth Driving Test Centre
Douglas House 1b Douglas Road

Pass Rate

Britannia Driving School Hampton can open a new chapter in your life with our 6 day intensive driving course on a manual or automatic car. We can also arrange quick practical driving test dates.

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