Welcome to Britannia Driving School Brixton SW2. We Pride Ourselves on Providing Professional and Affordable Driving Lessons in Brixton SW2 by Local Male and Female Driving Instructors.

Britannia Driving Schools Brixton

Britannia Driving School Covers the Brixton Area with Male and Female Driving Instructors

Areas Covered by Britannia Driving School Brixton: Brixton Central, Brixton North, Southwest Brixton, Brixton Hill, East Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill.

Britannia Driving School Brixton Testimonial:

“A very relaxed and complete approach to learning to drive, I felt much more positive after a few driving lessons and passed my driving test on the first attempt. I wouldn’t have done this without Lloyd from Britannia Driving School Brixton. I would definitely recommend Lloyd and Britannia…”

Miss P Battick-Brixton, London

Driving Test Tip by Britannia Driving School Brixton: Braking and Gears

Things must do

Depress the footbrake smoothly and in good time so as not to lock the wheels.

Brake lightly at first, and then apply more pressure to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Select and use the correct gear for your speed and circumstances.

Change gear in good time to avoid labouring the engine.

Apply the handbrake to hold the vehicle when queuing or whenever the vehicle will be stationary for a period of time.

Some Don’ts

Don’t brake harshly, except in an emergency.

Don’t apply the handbrake while the vehicle is still moving.

Don’t take your eyes off the road when changing gear.

Don’t coast with the clutch pedal depressed or with the gear lever in neutral.

Areas Used to Practice Manoeuvres by our Driving Instructors in Brixton

Our DSA (Driving Standards Agency) licensed driving instructors will develop beginners driving skills progressively using a number of practice areas in and around Brixton.

Moving off Stopping: Lavender Walk off Battersea Rise is a good place to practice Moving off Stopping/Mirror use by the novice learner driver. Limburg Road off Lavender Sweep-could be used to practice Uphill and Downhill Starts

Turn in the Road (wrongly known as three point turn): The turn in the road can be rehearsed in Rattray Road Brixton

Reversing (into a limited opening): Where Rattray Road meets Probert are suitable corners to do left and right reverses

Reverse Park: Rattray Road is ideal for Reverse Park exercise

Emergency Stop: A good place to train for the Emergency Stop is Railton Road

Driving Test Centre CroydonMost Favoured Driving Test Centre by our Brixton Driving Instructors
Croydon Test Centre Address
111 Canterbury Road

Pass Rate

Britannia Driving School Brixton can guide you to driving test success with our 6 day intensive driving course on manual or automatic cars. We can also arrange quick Theory and Driving Test dates

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