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Britannia Driving Schools Acton-Our Male and Female Driving Instructors Acton will give pupils driving lesson in Southall over the official DSA test routes coming up to their driving test.Listed below is a driving test centre route. Driving test routes include the most testing areas to drive in that particular venue. Taking some driving lessons over the test routes will offer tips and help on which locations of the test routes are the most testing.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Acton

  • Southall Test Centre is where the test begins
  • Starting the engine on Bycroft Road, drive to the end and take a left
  • Now on Allenby Road, a right turn brings you out on Verulam Road
  • Driving to the end of the road, indicate left onto Ruislip Road
  • We are staying on Ruislip Road for a while now, so don’t get confused by the next few instructions
  • At the roundabout, continue ahead taking the 2nd exit
  • Another roundabout now, this one requires you to take the 3rd exit ahead (you are still on Ruislip Road)
  • Still driving straight ahead (well obviously following the contours of the road) you will approach yet another roundabout
  • You want to take a left on the roundabout onto A40 West
  • When you approach the traffic lights, turn left onto A437 / B466 /A40 Slip Road (no I am not too sure where you are now either…examiners are mean!)
  • Hopefully you see signs for Long Lane (how long the lane is I am unsure about)
  • Taking a left off Long Lane onto Granville Road is the next task
  • Another left now onto Victoria Avenue (this all seems a bit easy…thank goodness)
  • On Victoria Avenue, count two roads on your left and turn here onto Merton Way
  • After a right turn you are now on Merton Avenue (this is a different road, note the ‘way’ and ‘avenue’)
  • At the end of Merton Avenue, indicate left back onto Victoria Avenue (this is the same road as before, don’t blame me I didn’t make up the routes)
  • On Victoria Avenue (again) take a right turn, seeing signs for Ryefield Avenue
  • At the end of Ryefield Avenue when you see the traffic lights, indicate to the right to Long Lane
  • Go through the traffic lights (only if they show green) and then look out for the second set of traffic lights, this time turning right onto A40 East Central London (don’t worry you don’t need to pay the congestion charge despite the name of the road)
  • Taking the 2nd exit left onto the A40 Slip Road A312
  • At the roundabout, go ahead, taking the 2nd exit onto the A40 Slip Road
  • When approaching the end of the road, keep left and turn right onto Kensington Road (I promise you are not in Central London)
  • Taking a left at the roundabout on Kensington Road, you will find yourself on Ruislip Road
  • Indicating right along here will come out onto Allenby Road
  • The 3rd right along, will show signs for Bycroft Road (as long as you have understood my instructions above)
  • And relief sets in as you turn left back to the test centre
Southall Driving Test Centre 2
295 Allenby Road

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Driving Test Centre Details :Driving test centre is on one level without stairs.
Ample parking on site
Toilets: Male and FemaleTheBritannia Driving Schools group includes Driving Schools Acton (W3) with both Automatic and Manual driving lessons and intensive driving courses with your choice of male or female driving instructor. Areas covered include:

West Acton, East Acton, Acton Green, South Acton and Acton Town

Have you got a driving ambition? Pass you’re driving test with expert Driving Lessons in Acton (W3) by Britannia Driving Schools. To arrange your first driving lesson contact us by phone, email, live chat or Online here Britannia Driving School Covering Driving Instructors Acton (W3) will guide you to driving test success with our 6 day crash driving course on manual or automatic cars. We can also arrange quick Theory andDriving Test dates.