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Britannia Driving Schools Hounslow – Our Driving Instructors Hounslow will give pupils driving lesson in Isleworth over the official DSA test routes coming up to their driving test.

Listed below is a driving test centre route for Isleworth. Driving test routes include the most testing areas to drive in that particular venue. Taking some driving lessons over the test routes will offer tips and help on which locations of the test routes are the most testing.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Hounslow

  • TheIsleworth Test Centre is where the start gun goes off
  • Starting on Worton hall, turn right onto Worton Road
  • At the mini roundabout take a right, you will still be on Worton Road
  • At the traffic lights, wait for the green light and turn right
  • Twickenham Road is where you are now, which then becomes London Road
  • On London Road, take a right at the roundabout, you will find yourself on Chertsey Road A316
  • Go ahead at the roundabout, staying on Chertsey Road and at the next roundabout turn right
  • You are now on Hospital Bridge Road (hopefully you haven’t caused any casualties on route)
  • Taking a right along this road, will bring you on Montrose Avenue
  • Another right on this road, will leave you on Ryecroft Avenue
  • At the end of Ryecroft Avenue, indicate left onto Percy Avenue(oink, oink)
  • Percy Avenue then becomes Whitton High Street (eyes on the road, no window shopping)
  • At the mini roundabout, proceed right onto Nelson Road?
  • Nelson road will merge into Warren Road (watch out for the rabbits)
  • At the end of Warren Road, take a left onto Rugby Road (no balls allowed on this road)
  • At the roundabout, take a left and see signs for Whitton Dene
  • Proceed along Whitton Dene until you see Arnold Crescent on the right
  • At the end of Arnold Crescent turn right back onto Whitton Dene
  • The mini roundabout requires you to turn right onto Hall Road
  • Hall Road then becomes Worton Road, which means take a right and you are back at the test centre
  • Congratulations!
map Nearest Driving Test Centre to Hounslow Isleworth Driving Test Centre
Worton Hall
Worton Road

Pass Rate:



Driving Test Centre Details : DThree Steps access, special arrangements made for candidates with mobility impairment.
Signed area for candidate parking
No toilet facilities.

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