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“Are you having trouble making money? Our instructors are not!”

As the economic downturn reaches full swing and people start tightening their belts, pupils are becoming more difficult to obtain.It’s now more important than ever to stay one step ahead of the competition to ensure that your livelihood doesn’t become yet another casualty of the recession.

At Britannia Driving School we work hard to continually introduce new pupils to our driving instructors, giving them the edge over local competition. Unlike other driving schools, Britannia spends most of it’s income on:

  • Marketing-This is done in a number of ways: Yellow Pages, Thomson Locals, newspapers, internet sites, leaflet drops, direct marketing, freephone 0800 and scores of personal recommendations.
  • Britannia’s Website-Our website is a leader in its field, attracting over 2 million unique users annually. If you search major keywords like “driving schools” Britannia Driving School will appear at the top of search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN (the three major search engines) from 153 million driving schools results.
  • Britannia Driving School OfficeThe office is open six days a week to the public and driving instructors. The Britannia telesales staff are highly trained and extremely motivated, and with their selling skills they will help to keep you topped up with pupils all year around.
  • Global Internet Diary-Pupils are allocated to instructors according to post codes and diary requirements via a bespoke global internet diary. The diary also has a message board system to help instructors communicate instantly with the booking staff. Our internet diary can be updated on a smart phone or computer globally by instructors.
  • Pre-Payment System-that has almost eliminated last minute unpaid lesson cancellations from pupils.
  • Support-is only a phone call away or you can pop into our office for face to face advice. Whatever problem you may have, be it a need for advice on teaching, bookkeeping and accounts, or any other area of your business, help and advice is always readily available.
“We offer career progression in relation to training and instructors can diversify into areas such as Instructor Training.”
Why choose Britannia Driving School?
Britannia will provide instructors with instant access to a large marketing base, as well as a hugely beneficial association with one of the most trusted brand in driving tuition in Greater London. Our brand name helps us to attract substantial numbers of quality learners, which makes it easier for instructors to retain pupils and minimise cancellations.
“At Britannia we are very conscious of the dangers of over saturating an area with instructors. Instructors are only taken on if we believe that we can generate sufficient work for them.”
Some of the many benefits you get teaching with us:

  • Attractive start-up package
  • Your vehicle or ours
  • 15 pupils guaranteed in the first 2 weeks
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Free CPD – £1000
  • 1 Year free accountancy
  • Check test advice and training
  • We can also train you for ORDIT – instructor training

Did you know the following?

  • You can claim a 40p a mile allowance instead of just submitting your fuel receipts
  • If you own your tuition vehicle you can claim 100% of its purchase price as capital allowance over 5 years.
  • You can make a business claim for a dog at home
  • You can claim for your wife/partner if they are not employed
  • You can claim 100% of your franchise fee as allowable expenditure

“I have been with Britannia Driving School in Wimbledon for the last 16 years and I can honestly say that volume and consistency of quality pupils provided by them has been great. On average I clear £650 per week-not bad for 40 hrs of tuition. Previously, I was with one of the big national schools for 3 years and home based school for 12 months and got into serious debt. The admin staff at Britannia are very helpful and organised and a pleasure to work with.” Ian R

“I became an instructor at Britannia just 12 months ago; I was given 20 pupils in the first two weeks and have received an average of 6 pupils per month thereafter (I couldn’t possibly take any more). The pupils I received were pure quality, which resulted in lots of lessons and very few cancellations (which I was paid for). This was in complete contrast to the school I worked for before, where I was getting about 15 unpaid cancellations per week.” Claire S

“The diary system is great, bookings are instantly received on my diary via an iPhone well in advance and I can also put my bookings in the diary using the iPhone between lessons. As a result there is minimal contact or interference from Britannia leaving me with more time to get on with my life. I have been with Britannia for 10 years and my experience has been very positive and I can only wish for the success to continue.” Mark B

If you are looking for a position as a driving instructor get in touch with us-we are looking for manual and automatic instructors in SW London, Surrey and Middlesex. Our sales grew by around 5% last year despite the recession-would you like to be a part of that?We believe we offer the most cost effective packages in the industry.

There are a number of options, and fees are discussed on an individual basis at our office, unfortunately we can’t discuss fees over the telephone. We suggest you fill out the form below or phone 0800 252 692 for a no obligation friendly chat and a coffee with Simon at our Wimbledon office.

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We hold interviews every Tuesday from 10am to 5pm. Please state a date (On a tuesday) and time that would be most convenient for you to attend. We will confirm your appointment by email.

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Freephone: 0800 252 692