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Britannia Driving Schools Worcester ParkOur Driving Instructors Worcester Park will give pupils driving lesson in Morden over the official DSA test routes coming up to their driving test.

Listed below is a driving test centre route for Morden. Driving test routes include the most testing areas to drive in that particular venue. Taking some driving lessons over the test routes will offer tips and help on which locations of the test routes are the most testing.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Worcester Park

  • The starting point is the Morden Driving Test Centre
  • Positioned on Tudor Drive, at the roundabout you want to take the 3rd exit, right
  • You should find yourself on Hillcross Avenue (unless you went too far round the roundabout)
  • You need to take the first left (this does not mean the pedestrian footpath) onto Churston Drive
  • Once on Churston Drive, take a right onto Shaldon Drive
  • Watch out for the school children when you turn left at the end of the road onto Monkleigh Road
  • Driving along Monkleigh Road, you need to look out for a right turn which will lead you to Leamington Avenue
  • On Leamington Avenue, follow the road round to the right, you are now on a new road called Arundel Avenue
  • Time to practice your clutch control as you climb the hill back up to Hillcross Avenue
  • Turn left onto Hillcross Avenue and follow the road until you approach the traffic lights
  • At the traffic lights, indicate left and find yourself on Martin Way (again watch out for the school children, as there is another school nearby)
  • Drive along Martin Way until you reach the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to the right onto Cannon Hill Lane
  • At the end of this road, you will approach a very important road, named Kingston Road (this is where you will find Britannia Driving School’s office)
  • Turn left onto Kingston Road (unfortunately you won’t pass us today)
  • Go straight through the traffic lights (well within reason) until you merge onto Bushey Road
  • Don’t panic but you are now on a dual carriageway, at the traffic lights take a left onto Grand Drive
  • On Grand Drive you will come across a mini roundabout, turn left here onto Southway
  • On Southway, go straight ahead at the crossroads and at the end of the road, turn left
  • Now on Parkway, again at the end of the road turn left
  • You are now back on Cannon Hill Lane (this is a long road split into two parts due to the roundabout, so don’t get confused)
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to the right onto Martin Way
  • Take a right off Martin Way onto Westcroft Gardens and at the end of this road, take a right onto Leamington Avenue
  • At the end of Leamington Avenue turn left onto Monkleigh Road
  • At the end of Monkleigh Road, take a right and you will be back onto Hillcross Avenue (nearly there)
  • At the end of Hillcross, you will find a roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Tudor Drive
  • Tudor Drive is where Morden Test Centre is placed (fingers crossed you have passed)
map Nearest Driving Test Centre to Worcester Park (KT4)
Morden Driving Test Centre
10 Tudor Drive
Surrey SM4 4PE

Pass Rate

Driving Test Centre Details : Driving test centre is on 1st floor, special arrangements will be made for candidates with mobility impairment.
No car facilities, park legally on Tudor Drive.
Toilets available

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