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Testimonial: Miss H Walker – Battersea, London

“Wow…I passed my driving test in one week with Britannia Driving School in Battersea. What can I say? Peter, my instructor was so professional, he thought me everything from zero to successfully passing the test in one week. Britannia got me a quick test date to culminate with the end of the intensive course. I so enjoyed my intensive…Thank You!

Driving Test Tip: Following Distance

Keep a safe gap between you and the vehicle in front. Use the two second rule at speeds of 40 mph plus. When stopped in traffic, stop so you can see the tyres of the vehicle in front. Don’t allow too large a gap between you and the vehicle ahead, therefore inviting traffic from side roads to pull out and slow your progress.

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended Britannia Driving Schools Instructors in Battersea.

  • Setting off from Croydon Test Centre, situated on Canterbury Road
  • Taking a left turn at the end of the road will lead you onto London Road
  • Straight over at the roundabout will keep you on London Road
  • Now the 7th (keep counting, try not to miss the turning) road on your left will be Pollards Hill South
  • Only two roads to count now and you will be on Pollards Hill West
  • Go round the bend (in more ways than one) take the 3rd exit onto Beech Road (if only we were at a real beach, rather than on test)
  • Now it’s time to practice your manoeuvres, attempting a turn in the road, you will now be facing the opposite way
  • Turning left will lead you to Pollards Hill North (which was previously Pollards Hill West)
  • At the end of the road, take a left back onto London Road (hopefully the roads are not as busy as Central London)
  • Go along London Road (which will become Streatham High Road) take the 6th exit to the right
  • You will now be on another main road called Green Lane
  • The 4th exit along this road on the right hand side will hopefully be called Kensington Avenue (as long as nobody has had a laugh changing the road signs)
  • Go all the way to the end of this road you want to take a left turn onto Norbury Avenue
  • Now on Norbury Avenue, continue straight ahead over the roundabout (not literally) and take another left turn, finding yourself on Beulah Road
  • Make sure if the traffic lights ahead are red you stop, if not continue to the right you will find signs for Parchmore Road
  • At the end of the road, a left turn will find you on Thornton Heath High Street
  • When you slow down for the roundabout, take a right leading you to Whitehorse Road
  • 3rd exit on your right should be called Pawsons Road, take your car down here
  • Drive all the way to the end of Pawsons Road and taking a right hand turn will see you positioned on Queens Road (hopefully the road isn’t closed off, if the Queen is in town)
  • This roundabout warrants a left turn onto Bensham Lane
  • You have three choices here, right, left or straight ahead…take a right and see signs for Mayday Road
  • Turn left at the end of the road and we are on London Road again
  • You can smell out the test centre from here, take the first right onto Canterbury Road
  • When it is safe and convenient, pull over and relax!
Test Centre Croydon Most Favoured Driving Test Centre by our Battersea Driving Instructors Croydon Test Centre Address
111 Canterbury Road

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Facilities: Toilets, Disabled Access and Parking

Areas covered by Britannia Driving School in Battersea include:- Clapham Junction and Lavender Hill

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