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Britannia Driving Schools WokingTestimonial: Miss M Chadstone – Woking, Surrey

“I’m pleased to be able to endorse Britannia Driving School. Graham was my driving instructor, he taught me to drive from zero to passing my test – in a few months – at the first attempt.”

DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Woking

  • Nervous start at the Guildford Driving Test Centre, turning left onto Moorfield Road
  • Thrown in at the deep end turning left at the traffic lights onto the A320 Woking Road
  • When you see the roundabout, remember to give way and turn left
  • You will find yourself on Old Woking Road, travel to the end of this road and turn right
  • Now on Bellfields Road, at the roundabout turn left back onto A320 Woking Road
  • Now at the roundabout, go straight ahead through the traffic lights onto Stoke Road
  • I hope you like roundabouts as you need to go right on the next one onto Recreations Road
  • An easy left now onto Woodbridge Road, but at the roundabout ahead you need to go straight ahead onto Onslow Street
  • Another easy left back onto Woodbridge Road
  • Left again will see you on Leapale Road
  • Now continue straight to the end of Leapale Road and take a left onto North Street
  • Not sure if you are travelling North, but you need to take another left onto High Street
  • Eyes on the road, no window shopping yet, at the roundabout turn right onto Epsom Road
  • You will be on Epsom Road for a while, taking the 5th exit to the left which will be Pit Farm Road (hopefully no sheep running in the road like on the hazard perception clips)
  • At the end of the road turn right (you must say this sentence like the annoying women on sat nav) you are now on Spring Haven
  • At the end of the road (still in the same voice) turn right, hopefully you will see signs for Cranley Road
  • On Cranley Road, you need to take a right onto Tormead Road
  • At the end of Tormead Road, take a left and carry on along Boxgrove Road
  • The roundabout ahead requires you to take the 3rd exit to the right which will bring you onto London Road
  • London Road also has a roundabout, this time take the 3rd exit left, hopefully you are on Clay Lane
  • Another roundabout on Clay Lane, this one requires you to turn left onto Jacobs Well Road
  • At the end of Jacobs Well Road, indicate left onto the A320 Woking Road (for the third time)
  • At the traffic lights, take a left and park up by Driving Test Centre
Nearest Test Centre to Woking Surrey Nearest Driving Test Centre to Woking (GU22)
Guildford Driving Test Centre
Slyfield Industrial Estate
Off Moorfield Road
Surrey GU1 1SA

Pass Rate:



Test Centre details: Ramped access to Driving Test Centre office only (on steps)
Car parking facilities available for candidates
Male female disabled toilets

Driving Test Tip: Mirrors

Use the mirrors before slowing and stopping, except in an emergency. If you have a vehicle close behind, slow down over a longer distance than you would otherwise. After turning into a busy road check to see there is nothing you missed before pulling out. If you see something in the mirror you missed, get up to speed quickly.

Areas covered include: Woking, Old Woking, Woking, Mayford and Pyrford

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