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“I found Mary to be a professional and honest instructor with the patience of a saint. After taking lessons with her I was able to successfully pass the driving test first time. I highly recommend Britannia Driving School in Streatham to all learner drivers”.
When on your test do not exceed speed limits, you will fail. Do not drive so fast that if you have to, you cannot stop safely. In a busy shopping street, for example, 15 to 20 mph may be safe speed. When the road is wet, the tyers have less grip, be extra careful when going downhill in the wet. 
DSA Driving Test Route Recommended by Our Driving Instructors in Streatham 
  • You’re at the Driving test centre in Croydon, Surrey which is located on Canterbury road
  • Go along Canterbury road and then take a left turn to Lancing Road
  • Drive down Lancing Road and take a right turn to Boston Road
  • You are not in Boston, USA, but Boston Road, Croydon Carry on down Boston Road until the end and then take a left turn to Thornton Road
  • Proceed down Thornton
  • Road till you cannot go any further (i.e. houses preventing you from driving) and take a left turn
  • You will be on the busy main road called Purley Way. Drive along until you reach a roundabout. Go ahead at the roundabout and then take the third left to Waddon Road
  • Proceed down Waddon Road and at the third traffic lights take a left turn, obviously when the lights are green
  • At this stage you will on Epsom Road. At the traffic lights go ahead
  • Drive along Wallington Road and take the second left to Duppas Hill Road. Make sure you got your clutch control right otherwise you might be going downhill
  • Take the slip road and then take a left turn to Old Town, my favourite area
  • Drive along Old Town and at the roundabout take the first exit
  • You will be on a combination of three roads Roman Way/Mitcham Road/Sumner Road
  • At the traffic lights take a right turn
  • Drive along St James Road/Windmill Road and take the second left to Queens Road
  • Unfortunately the Queen won’t be here, if she is say hello. Take a left turn to Windmill Road
  • Continue down Windmill Road and at the end of the road take a left turn to Northcote Road
  • At the traffic lights go ahead
  • Now you will be on Prince Road…..I’m starting to think the entire royal family live in Croydon now…Take the eighth left onto Clifton Road
  • At the end of the road take a left turn and immediately go ahead at the roundabout…sounding like a sat nav now
  • At this stage if you have survived, you will be on Whitehorse Lane. At the end of this road take a left turn to Whitehorse Road.
  • Drive along Whitehorse Road and then take a left at the roundabout to Pawsons Road
  • Proceed along Pawsons Road and then take a third right to Queens Road… her highness might be in now for a cup of tea
  • Once you’ve had your tea drive down the end of the road and take a right turn to Bensham Lane
  • Drive along Bensham Lane and take a left at the roundabout
  • You will be now on Mayday Road…hopefully it will be Mayday soon so we can have a day off
  • Take a right turn to London Road; drive down London Road and at the end of the road take a left turn to Canterbury Road.
  • Go Right and then take a left turn to the Test Centre…now that’s me off for a cuppa without the Queen.
Test Centre Croydon Most Favoured Driving Test Centre by our Streatham Driving InstructorsCroydon Test Centre Address
111 Canterbury Road

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Facilities: Toilets, Disabled Access and ParkingAreas covered include:Streatham Hill and Streatham CommonDo you want great value tution? Pass you’re driving test with expert Driving Lessons in Streatham (SW16) with Britannia.

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Britannia Driving School Covering Driving Instructors Streatham (SW16) will guide you to driving test success with our 6 day intensive driving course on manual or automatic cars. We can also arrange quick Theory and Driving Test dates