Reigate ADI Test Centre and ADI Part 2 Test Routes in Reigate

Reigate Driving Test CentreReigate Driving Test Centre
7 Slipshatch Road
Surrey RH2 8HA

Centre Details

Road to cross from candidate car park.
WC requires access via pathway, would be
difficult for wheelchair access
Unisex toilets facility

Take the worry out of ADI Part 2. Call the specialist – Britannia Driving School

Britannia’s ORDIT Trainers make use of the Reigate Test Centre for ADI Part 2 driving test for trainee instructors that live in and around Surrey.

The Centre includes rural roads and busy town roads. Rural country driving can be testing to candidates due to high speed, difficult corners and dual carriage ways including the A23. Town driving will be used to test your ability for various traffic systems including roundabouts, junction’s crossroads and one way systems.

The examiner will ask you to demonstrate all four manoeuvres in streets in and around Reigate. These streets represent ideal location for the examiner to check your ability at meeting oncoming vehicles on narrow roads.

The Part 2 pass rate for Reigate is 68.40%. The time of the day you book your Part 2 will make a big difference. Booking between 10am and 3pm will result in less traffic during your test. There will also be a lot less traffic during school holidays.

Britannia’s Instructor Trainers have access to all the Part 2 Test Routes used by the examiners. Our Trainers will rehearse trainees over the Part 2 routes to master the areas of importance and will give trainees a mock over the test routes prior to their Part 2. Knowing the Part 2 routes will help you enormously during your Part 2 test. Please note that test routes are subject to alteration at the discretion of the DSA examiner.

Booking a Part 2 test

Driving Test cannot be booked through the centre directly.

To book a Part 2 or a short notice Part 2 at Hayes phone Britannia Driving School on 0800 252 692 or book /change you’re driving test online

A driving test from Reigate Driving Test Centre can be cancelled or rescheduled 4 clear working days must be provided otherwise Britannia Driving School will be unable to provide a refund or reschedule.

Next Step: Call Simon for some friendly advice or guidance on ADI Part 2 driving test or book an ADI Part 2 Test assessment. Contact us by freephone 0800 252 692, email or Apply Online today Good Luck on Your Part 2 Driving Test!