Driving Instructor Testimonials

I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible experience I had thanks to the exceptional guidance from Mr Frank. From the moment I stepped into the driver’s seat to the triumphant day I passed my ADI part 3.
Mr Frank played a pivotal role in making this journey not just educational, but also surprisingly enjoyable. His commitment to producing safe and confident drivers and driving instructors is truly commendable.
Would recommend Mr Frank to anyone for an excellent experience.

Ivana Anchova (4th April 2024)

Mr Frank was an exceptional audit trainer. His explanations were clear, concise, and understanding. He was also very responsive to questions and he provided clear and comprehensive answers, no matter how many times I asked. Not only did I pass ADI Part 3 but I also gained invaluable skills that will help me to become a reliable driving instructor to my students. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Attaul Javed (2nd April 2024)

I highly recommend Mr. Frank as an ADI training instructor, and if you are looking not just to pass and become ADI but to pass his knowledge to the future students so they can be Safe drivers. Frank is polite, patient that explains everything clearly and in detail. I have passed all my tests for ADI first try! Thanks to this Gentleman

Lazarcho Eftimov (30th March 2024)

I recently passed my Part 2 and Part 3 from Mr Frank.
He is the best ORDIT instructor in South West London. He know everything that you need to learn. I will highly recommend.
Thank you Mr Frank.

Ayuuni Nur (27th March 2024)

Amazing experience with my trainer Frank. I passed part 3 on my first try and all the credit goes to my Trainer, Mr Frank. The lesson was very enjoyable and you learn a lot in every lesson. You could tell that he was experienced as he helped me built a strong foundation and was very honest and was highly professional. Overall I highly recommend Mr Frank as he is one of the best ordits in London.

Samina Saleem (18th September 2023)

Frank trained me as a driving instructor and I couldn’t of asked for a better trainer.
His knowledge is unbelievable and so is his sense of humour. Since qualifying as an instructor, I’ve had to contact Frank a few times for help with anything I’m not to sure about. He is always willing to help and give advise. Frank isn’t only a great instructor and trainer he is also become a very good friend.

Les Evans (18th September 2023)

Frank trained me to become a driving instructor & I couldn’t explain how highly I rate his knowledge & skills. I first tried a very well known driving school who had no one anywhere near Frank. If you wish to become a driving instructor Frank is who you should train with.

Paul Taylor (18th September 2023)

Jane as my instructor trainer did her best to make me pass my part 2 test, She is wonderful, thanks a lot Jane and Britannia!

Emil Pavlikenev (18th September 2023)

After wasting a lot of money and time I met Frank who went out his way to help me to become an ADI . I can’t thank him enough for all his help and support which he provided me according to my needs. He is highly qualified in his field and very professional

Shameem Ali (18th September 2023)

Frank is very highly skilled Instructor and he help me to pass my Test in first attempt
Thank you Frank

Aamir Butt (18th September 2023)

Sir Frank is an exceptional ORDiT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) driving instructor trainer. His expertise in teaching and preparing future driving instructors is truly commendable. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his trainees are not just capable of passing exams but are also equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in teaching others to drive safely.
What sets Sir Frank apart is his patient and methodical approach. He understands that becoming a driving instructor is not just about technical know-how but also about effective communication and teaching techniques. He instills confidence in his trainees and helps them develop the necessary skills to handle the diverse needs of learner drivers.
If you’re aspiring to become a driving instructor and want to receive top-notch training that goes beyond the basics, I highly recommend Sir Frank. His commitment to producing knowledgeable, skilled, and safety-conscious driving instructors is truly impressive.

Sadaqat Ahmed (18th September 2023)

Very professional, highly skilful, experienced driving instructors with the best pedagogical acumen, which is worth learning from! Mr Frank was my trainer

Amir Virk (8th September 2023)

Mr Frank who helped me to achieve my goals to become driving instructor, he is a gentleman the way he talks with respect and too good and too polite also he is very experience ORDIT trainer for many years I’m really glad that I choose him as my instructor best wishes for him and his Company Britannia Driving School thanks

Sheikh Salim Ahmed (7th September 2023)

Thanks to Frank, I was able to pass my ADI part 3 exam in the first try!! He helped me loads and his personalised training lessons for me helped me improve my teaching skills and allowed me to become a better trainer to new drivers. I would recommend him to everyone !!

Razia Sultana (6th September 2023)

Re: Part 3…. Frank Eustace, is simply THE BEST instructor for new driving instructors. Frank coached me for my Part 3 exam, giving me every tool I needed to pass and continue to develop the skills I need to be the best instructor I can be. Highly admired by his pupils and respected by driving examiners. If you want to be the best….. be taught by THE BEST.

Paul Tyrer (7th September 2023)

I wanted to become a Driving Instructor and came across Brittania Driving School.
From that day onwards I was never disappointed. The staff at the Office, The Teacher/Trainer Frank and the Managing director were absolutely on point with everything. Very helpful, full of information and praise.
I would like to thank everyone. I now have Passed my Part3 First time around and feel over the Moon. I could have never done it without everyone there.

Abdus Sabur (27th June 2023)

I passed my part 3 test after training with Frank. Frank is very easy going and Friendly, and makes things very clear and simple, he also made sure I met the requirements needed to qualify me, and that I fully understood and learnt something at the end of each lesson. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer, and his level of experience really does show. Highly recommend him.

Hesham Eita (6th June 2023)

Mr. Frank(ORDIT) is a great person and the most knowledgeable instructor I’ve ever met could listen to his advice the whole day.

Martin Adreev (5th May 2023)

I passed my part 2 ADI, test with Frank. He is a great instructor who’s soul purpose is for you to pass. He’s patient, thorough and works hard in the nicest possible way for you to succeed. I throughly recommend him if your aim is to succeed in being a safe driver.
Thank you Frank.

Althea Lawrence (11th November 2022)

Good training tips and advice from Alan!

Althea Lawrence (21st July 2022)