Driving Instructor Testimonials

I find the school FANTASTIC!!
Simon and Alan went out of their way to help me pass part 3 Thank you!

Kevin Kalyan - Uxbridge, Middlesex (24th June 2019)

Simon was a fantastic teacher, i learnt so much, i was worried and nervous about taking my part three exam but Simon was great!

Jane Burden (20th December 2018)

Simon is a Top Class Trainer!!!!!!!
Everybody in the school in Kingston Road are Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry O'Donoghue - Wimbledon, London (7th November 2018)

Britannia would like to congratulate Kelly on passing her part 1, part 2 and part 3 first time with us. We are glad that with all your hard work and training you succeeded in qualifying as an ADI.

Britannia- Driving-School (9th October 2018)

Simon was amazing and got straight to the point to help me steer towards a pass to help me grow for new career.

David Hart - Sutton, Surrey (4th July 2018)

I thought the part three was very hard,however Simon made me feel i could pass part three with hardwork and training.
I think Simon is an excellent trainer because he made me understand what i needed to do.

Maryam Butt- Hounslow ,Middlesex (7th September 2016)

I passed my part 2 today,thanks to my trainer Simon. Training was exactly to the point. Message to anyone taking the training,do it seriously and listen to Simon. If you look at his record over the years,it is amazing.

Johnnie Moran - Poplar, London (15th January 2016)

I am very satisfied with the excellent training i received from Simon from Britannia. He helped me pass my Part 3 first time.
Thank you so much Simon!!

Przemyslaw Pryciak - Wimbledon, London (14th September 2015)

Passed my part 1 exam on the first attempt. I enjoyed my training with Simon, he was very encouraging and to the point. His training is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!

Bernhard Jacobs - Ashtead, Surrey (21st July 2015)

Passed my ADI Part 3 exam first time, thank you to Simon for all his help and support.

Marziyeh Adineh - Putney, London (21st July 2015)

I just passed my ADI Part 2 exam after training from Simon at Britannia Driving School. Simon is the best tutor i have ever had, he taught me everything i needed for part 2.
I would also like to thank the reception staff at Britannia for their help and support.

Abida Parveen - Wimbledon, London (7th July 2015)

I received fantastic training ahead of my ADI Part 3 exam. I felt well prepared for every aspect of the test and Simon’s advice proved to be spot on as I passed first time! Simon is a very experienced trainer and his training is invaluable.

Elton Taylor - Charlton, London (13th May 2015)

Thank you Simon for giving me the best training I could have asked for. I wouldnt have passed my ADI Part 2 exam without your help! Thank you so much! Also thank you to the girls in the office for all their support!

Bushra Ejaz - Wimbledon, London (28th April 2015)

I passed my ADI part 1 test thanks to Simon my trainer. He was to the point and exactly what I needed! He was a very effective training, taking the time to explain anything I didnt understand thoroughly.
Thank you so much Simon for getting me through ADI part 1 in such a short length of time!

Bushra Ejaz - Wimbledon, London (24th March 2015)

I just passed my ADI Part 2! Thank you to my two trainers Simon and Peter! They were brilliant and I couldnt thank them enough for helping me pass my test!

Bilal Safi - Wimbledon, London (28th January 2015)

Congratulations to Simon & Peter for passing and getting top marks in their ORDIT inspection on 17/12/2014. Not only did they exceed expectations but they also performed very well with the added pressure of an additional examiner sit in on the inspection along with the ORDIT examiner. It takes a lot of experience & knowledge to cope with that kind of pressure and Simon and Peter were fantastic. They both deserve a big WELL DONE!!

Ric Fox and Phil Durbridge (22nd December 2014)

I am very pleased with the training I received from Britannia for my Part 1 Exam. The instruction I received from Simon was very good and he gave me very useful advice in preparation for my exam.

Abida Parveen - Tooting, London (20th November 2014)

I am so pleased to have been trained by Simon who is very qualified, professional and sharp.
I appreciate all the tips and advice that he gave me leading up to my Part 3 test.
If I had to do it all again I would definitely come to Britannia.
Thank you!

Elias Sidali - Wimbledon, London (29th October 2014)

I am very grateful for the training I received from Britannia! I passed my ADI Part 2 exam first time with only 2 faults! Both Simon and Pete prepared me really well for the test – thank you!

Elton Taylor - Charlton, London (24th September 2014)

I’m very happy with the training I received – it was linear and progressive. I passed my Part 1 first time thanks to Simon my trainer.

Elton Taylor - Charlton, London (17th July 2014)