How long will it take?

Because the ADI examination is in three parts, it takes between 6 months and a year on a part-time basis to qualify fully. However, if you train with a driving school such as ours, you are allowed to operate and earn money as a trainee driving instructor after you have passed the second part of the exam. With Britannia you could be on the road in as little as 16 weeks (subject to the availability of exam dates).

How is the training scheduled?

Trainees need time to absorb new information and develop skills. This is why we spread out the training for Part 2 and Part 3 over several weeks on a part-time basis and start it at the same time as training for Part 1. Theory can be learnt relatively quickly, but real skill takes time and practice to evolve. We also heavily supplement your in-car tutor training with extensive video examples and a series of carefully planned practical exercises for you to undertake between each session. This flexibility enables us to adapt the course time to suit your individual requirements.

Are the exams hard to pass?

The exams are not particularly hard to pass provided you get the right training, advice and practice. Driving instruction is a practical skill rather than an academic discipline, which is probably why Britannia Driving School achieves far better results than independent instructor training colleges

How do I become a trainee instructor?

When you pass Part 2 of the qualifying examination you are entitled to become a trainee instructor with a driving school – such as Britannia – for six months so that you can get some actual practical experience of training real learners in preparation for Part 3.

What is ORDIT?

To help protect the public from poor training standards, misleading marketing and selling, and unethical business practices, the Government, along with the Driving Instructor Industry, introduced the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training or ORDIT for short. Britannia is one of the few instructor-training establishments that are ORDIT approved.

All training establishments guarantee a placement, don’t they?

Most instructor-training schools/colleges offer some form of guaranteed placement with an unnamed driving school. However, if you don’t get a written offer specifically stating the name of the driving school then you don’t have a guaranteed position with them when you qualify. The only way you can be certain of knowing who you will work for and how your income will be earned is if you train with an established driving school that wants to recruit you – precisely what’s on offer from Britannia.

What fees will I have to pay the DSA?

Part one (theory test)


Part two (test of driving ability)


Part three (test of ability to instruct)


Trainee licence (valid for 6 months) (optional)


ADI licence (valid for 4 years)


Do I have to work for Britannia?

Training with us does not mean you are obliged to work for us or any other driving school. We can help you to set up your own branch of Britannia Driving School if you wish.

How much can I earn?

It depends on how many hours you work. If this is to be your full-time job and you put in 42 hours a week, then you can expect to see an annual income of up to £33,000 per annum.

What are the perks?

Where do we start? There are so many advantages. The freedom of being your own boss, the knowledge that the more you work the more you earn, flexible working hours, local work, job guarantee, job satisfaction, continuous individual training, future career opportunities. That’s just for starters!

What to do now?

Does that all sound too good to be true? Well, it is true, which is probably why so many say being a driving instructor with Britannia is a dream job!

How do I get to Britannia by underground, rail or car?

Getting to Britannia Driving School download here