Free ADI Assessment Test

To help with our assessment of your suitability to become a driving instructor please answer the following 20 questions. The Pass Mark is 50% and the test should be completed in 57 minutes or less. Once you have completed the test, click on "Submit Answers for Grading" to get your results.

Time remaining :

1.) Having positioned your car to reverse park between two cars on the road you notice another car has pulled up close behind you, you should...

show your intention by selecting reverse

switch on your hazard lights

drive on and park elsewhere

wave them past

2.) You should use the "Two Second Rule" ...

before restarting the engine after it has stalled

to keep a safe gap from the vehicle in front

before using the “Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre” routine

when emerging on wet roads

3.) You should particularly look for motorcyclists and cyclists at junctions because they...

may want to turn into the side road

may slow down to let you turn

are harder to see

might not see you turn

4.) You are following a vehicle at a safe distance on a wet road. Another driver overtakes you and pulls into the gap you have left. What should you do?

Flash your headlights as a warning

Try to overtake safely as soon as you can

Drop back to regain a safe distance

Stay close to the other vehicle until it moves on

5.) You are travelling in very heavy rain. Your overall stopping distance is likely to be...



up to ten times greater

no different

6.) At a puffin crossing what colour follows the green signal?

Steady red

Flashing amber

Steady amber

Flashing green

7.) In some narrow residential streets you will find a speed limit of...

20 mph

25 mph

35 mph

40 mph

8.) When reversing during a three point turn where should a driver look?

Over the left should then the right shoulder

Over the right shoulder

Over the left shoulder

Over the right shoulder then the left shoulder

9.) You may wait in a yellow box junction when you are...

prevented from turning right, only by oncoming traffic

in a queue of traffic turning left

in a queue of traffic to go ahead

on a roundabout

10.) You are waiting at a pelican crossing. The red light changes to flashing amber. This means you must...

wait for pedestrians on the crossing to clear

move off immediately without any hesitation

wait for the green light before moving off

get ready and go when the continuous amber light shows

11.) A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you. You may produce them at a police station within...

5 days

7 days

14 days

21 days

12.) When parking on the left facing uphill the front wheels should be...

turned to the left

turned to the right

parallel to the kerb

it's not important

13.) An examiner gives the signal for an emergency stop. A candidate should react by...

braking promptly

checking the mirrors

depressing the clutch

steering to the left

14.) A white cane with a red band shows that the person carrying it is...


blind and deaf

blind and without speech

deaf and without speech

15.) You want to pass a stationary vehicle but there are solid white lines in the centre of the road. You may...

only pass if you can avoid driving on the white lines.

not pass.


use hazard warning lights and pass regardless.

16.) If an instructor had to use the dual controls they should...

say nothing in order not to destroy the pupil's confidence

explain to the pupil why it was necessary

explain that it will be covered at the end of the lesson

say nothing and expect the pupil to understand why

17.) The cost of your insurance may be reduced if you...

are over 25 years old

under 25 years old

do not wear glasses

pass the driving test first time

18.) What advice does the Highway Code give when turning right onto a dual carriageway with a very narrow central reservation?

Proceed to the central reservation and wait

Wait until the road is clear in both directions

Stop in the first lane so that other vehicles give way

Emerge slightly to show your intentions

19.) 'Driving – The Essential Skills' states that the reason for hatched markings in the centre of the road is to...

separate traffic flowing in opposite directions.

mark an area to be used for overtaking motorcyclists.

warn of a temporary marking for road works.

separate lanes on a dual carriageway.

20.) 'Driving – The Essential Skills' states that the flashing of headlights is to be interpreted as a...

warning of a radar speed trap ahead.

signal that they are giving way to you.

warning of their presence.

signal that it is safe to proceed.