March 21, 2014

Spring Clean Your Car!

At last we have made it through the treacherous winter conditions, as we edge tentatively into the first few days of spring. Whilst that may put a spring in your step, remember that your car has probably seen much more of the abysmal weather than you have, and the start of this new fresh season does not just mean it is time to spring clean your house, but your car as well.

Here are Britannia’s top tips for spring cleaning your car:

– Check your tyres. After all those wet and icy roads, it is inevitable that your car will have used up some of the tread on its tyres. The road-legal limit is 1.6 mm, however most car manufacturers recommend replacing them at 3mm to be on the safe side.

– Remove any old junk. Bad weather may cause you to leave bits and bobs inside your car to save exposing them to the harsher elements, but improving weather means you can now de-clutter all that mess. Don’t forget to go through your boots and get rid of any non-essential items. This will also help you to drive more economically.

– Check your oil. Many drivers forget to check their oil and water levels in their car over winter, or are put off by poor weather, however there is no excuse now. Take a look, and don’t take a chance. Change your oil and oil filter!

– Recharge your battery. If your car is more for leisure, then you may have put it into storage over the colder months, meaning now you will have to charge it up again or even replace it.

– Clean the underside of the car. Snow and grit often collect in these parts of cars over winter and begin to eat away at the metal. Give this a good scrubbing down to remove any excess grit that could damage your engine and chassis.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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