December 9, 2013

Defrosting Your Car This Winter

Frosty weather is on its way, Britannia warns drivers not to leave their car unattended with the engines running as this is exactly what car thieves look out for on a frosty morning. Research has found that 40% of drivers let their car’s engine clear icy screens before they drive off but the danger here is that if they pop indoors even for a moment, they are at serious risk of having their car stolen.

Here are Britannia’s tips for defrosting your car this winter:

– Do not leave your car unattended. If you need to go indoor, switch off and lock the car.
– Switch on the heated rear screen and mirrors to warm the glass whilst using a scraper and de-icer on the exterior of your car.
– Use air conditioning to dry the air and keep cold glass mist-free
– Do not drive off until all of the glass is clear.
– Do not use just-boiled water to clear glass as it could crack the glass your wipers to the glass.
– Use a soft brush to clear all the snow off the car, ensure the front grille is clear and make sure all lights are clean and are working properly
– Use a lint-free absorbent cloth to wipe misted-up windows.

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