October 15, 2013

Driving on Dismal Days

With summer 2013 declaring itself firmly over once and for all, this also signals the end of summer driving. Whilst it may be a relief to not worry about cars overheating any more, do ensure that you are well equipped against the pitfalls of autumnal and winter driving.

More hours of poor light due to later dawns and earlier dusks is a common contributor to motoring accidents at this time of year. Another hazard to watch out for is wetter roads, which is well-known for causing a variety of road incidents, as well as the abundance of falling leaves, which, coupled with wet roads, contribute to a highly dangerous driving situation.

Also keep an eye out for the first onset of frost – as much as you refuse to accept it, it is coming! Prepare an emergency kit and keep this safe in your car, just to protect yourself against the eventuality of breaking down far from home. Finally, be aware that weather in the UK is highly unpredictable, especially at this time of year, and that with the conditions liable to change at any moment, you need to be fully prepared to deal with whatever nature can throw at you.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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