May 23, 2014

Pre-Drive Checklist

As the bank holiday weekend approaches, more and more of us will be taking off in our cars for long drives in the warm sunshine (hopefully!), and even weekends away along the coast. However before setting off driving this Bank Holiday weekend, do make sure that you have made the correct preparations for your car on the journey.

Here are Britannia’s Top Tips for the Pre-Drive Check-list:

– Oil : Often missed, the oil level is a crucial ingredient in the smooth running of a car, and being as easy to check as it is, there is no excuse for missing this.

– Windows: Clear your windows of any dirt or grime that may hamper your visibility.

– Lights: Check your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, indicators, interior lights, make sure that all those bulbs are working!

– Tyres: Take a quick look over your tyres to make sure they are clean and undamaged, and check the tyre pressure.

– Brake fluid: Safety comes first, and with the wrong amount of brake fluid in your car, you are asking for trouble!

– Windscreen washer fluid: Make sure that this is topped up, should your visibility be impaired without warning.

– Fuel: It might go without saying, but work out in advance how much fuel you will need to reach your destination, or even carry some spare.

– Steering and Miscellaneous: Now it would be a good time to take your car for a quick test drive, just for five minutes or so (make sure to keep the radio off). This will give you a chance to ensure that your car is running perfectly, or allow you to identify any potential problems with the vehicle, such as steering issues or warning lights.

Unfortunately you are never able to guarantee a smooth journey on a long drive – but by following these simple, basic steps you should be able to dramatically reduce the risk of any unexpected problems.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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