May 22, 2014

Drivers Using Social Media

There is an increasing concern over motorists using social media whilst driving. The head of roads policing in England and Wales, Chief Constable Suzette Davenport has highlighted that there are an increasing number of motorists posting updates, taking photos and video calling behind the wheel.

The problem is more significant with young drivers with a recent RAC survey finding that 20% of 17 to 19-year-olds admitted to using Facebook or Twitter whilst driving.

Perhaps the most concerning is the new craze – the ‘selfie’. The craze involves taking a photo of yourself and posting it on a social media website. This may seem harmless, not if it is a motorist taking the ‘selfie’ whilst driving. A survey by revealed that 11% of drivers admit to taking a ‘selfie’ whilst driving with the number being significantly greater for 17-24 year-olds.

Motorists are strongly advised against engaging in this practice whilst driving. Last month, a 32-year-old driver from North Carolina died in a head-on collision just moments after posting a ‘driving selfie’ on Facebook. It is a dangerous practice with the costs being severe.

More broadly, using social media whilst driving is just as dangerous if not more so than using a hand-held device to make and receive calls, something that is already banned in the UK.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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