May 27, 2014

How to Get Cheap Insurance

Car insurance costs are perhaps the biggest worry to new drivers once passing their test. Not only are new drivers subject to high premiums, but being within the age range of 17-25 also adds to the cost of the insurance. Here are Britannia’s top tips to lower the cost of your insurance if you have recently passed your test:

Compare prices and haggle. There are many car insurance providers and the market is very competitive and this can be used to your advantage by comparing different providers. Not only should you use comparison sites but also check out various providers as well. It is usually best to call them and bargain your way to a cheaper deal.

Accelerated no-claims: Some companies offer an accelerated no-claims bonus which could give you a year’s no claims bonus after just 10 months. It is worth researching which companies offer this.

Multi-car discount: You can also get a discount by insuring two or more vehicles between friends or family members with the same firm.

Adding drivers: Consider adding a second or even third driver to your insurance, especially an older more experienced one as this can make the insurance cheaper.

Extra qualifications: if you’ve passed your test recently, consider taking a Pass Plus or Advanced driving course since some insurance firms can knock off up to 25% off the insurance cost.

Less Miles: If you know you will only be driving a few thousand miles a year, consider a limited mileage policy.

Type of car: certain cars attract more expensive insurance premiums – make sure you bear this in mind when choosing a car to purchase.

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