April 18, 2014

Bank Holiday Driving

As we edge into the longed-for Easter Bank Holiday weekend, whilst many of us will be looking forward to taking countryside drives, family days out or even a long weekend away, it is necessary to bear in mind that the roads will become much busier at this time of year, and therefore much more dangerous.

Here are Britannia’s top tips to avoid the Bank Holiday Mayhem:

Plan your journey. If you are going for a drive, try to avoid roads with heavy congestion, such as motorways at rush hour or main roads into town and city centres.

Prepare well. Whilst this is a vital precaution for all journeys, this goes double for Bank Holidays. Perform your pre-flight checks before any long journey – this includes oil, petrol, water, electrics, lights, brakes, the works.

Drive respectfully. While other drivers may be driving erratically in the summer sun or ignoring any sense of road etiquette, drive respectfully to other drivers and they will be much more likely to drive respectfully to you.

Safe driving this Bank Holiday Weekend from Britannia!

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