May 2, 2014

Drive Safe this Bank Holiday

Whilst it does not seem like two weeks since the last Bank Holiday, we find ourselves once again on the verge of another long weekend off from work. However, whatever you are doing this Bank Holiday, make sure that you are driving safely and responsibly.

Here are some of our tips for Bank Holiday driving:

– Perform all pre-flight checks before setting off. This goes double for long journeys – ensure to check your fuel, oil, tyre pressure, windscreen washer fluid, and all other features that you will need on a Bank Holiday voyage.

– Remove any extra weight from your car. Whilst this seems like it goes without saying, the vast majority of drivers still weight their cars down unnecessarily. Remove your roof box if not needed, and empty your boot of all the rubbish that has gathered in there over the last few years!

– Avoid traffic. Whilst traffic may seem unavoidable, it very often can be dodged with just a bit of forward thinking. Plan your journey in advance, such as avoiding motorways on Friday evening rush hour, as this will help you to beat the congestion and to start your Bank Holiday off to a flying start!

Safe driving this Bank Holiday from Britannia!


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