April 25, 2014

Driving In Rain

Although we are all expecting Spring-time to appear at any moment, it is best to accept that even in the middle of the year, the rain is still likely to appear (this is Britain after all.)

Here are our top tips for driving in the rain:

– Drive slowly. In wet weather, you are much more likely to lose control of your vehicle, but driving even up to 5 mph slower reduces the risk of this greatly.

– Plan your journey. try to avoid roads that are likely to become waterlogged or flooded, as this will delay your journey time hugely, not to mention placing you in danger.

– Watch out for puddles. Britannia has reported in the past about drivers being penalised for driving through puddles. Drive as far from the pavement as possible.

– Check your windscreen wipers before setting off. Although it sounds obvious, a lot of accidents are caused by faulty or non-functioning windscreen wipers. Without these working fully, your vision is likely to become obscured, placing yourself and others in immediate danger.

Safe driving this wet summer from Britannia!

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