October 21, 2013

Seasonal Driving

Daylight hours are shortening, weather is getting worse, and these conditions are making driving more difficult, especially for new drivers. Here are some handy tips to make driving a lot easier:

Remember your headlights: turn on your headlights during dawn and dusk so that other road users can see you and vice versa. Using your headlights during these hours, helps you identify hazards in the road, pedestrians, animals and other conditions.

Slow down: the faster you drive, especially on wet, slippery roads, the longer it takes to stop your vehicle. Doubling your speed can nearly quadruple the amount of time it takes to stop your vehicle.

Check weather forecasts: if a storm or other adverse weather conditions are expected, only drive if absolutely necessary. If you need to drive, be prepared for changing road conditions such as developing frost.

Make adjustments for shorter daylight hours: look out for children playing, people walking dogs, pedestrians, joggers and cyclists during the morning and afternoon.

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