April 24, 2014

I passed my test! Now what?

Anyone who has learnt to drive, knows the joy once you pass your practical test. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, as a new driver you now need to learn to become an experienced driver:

Of course, you need to keep driving. There is no point in obtaining a full licence if you are not going to drive. The Safety Code for New Drivers issued by the government will help you drive safely in your first year. The guidance includes warning you not to drive between midnight and 6am as this is the most dangerous time to drive and not speeding or driving under the influence of drink and drugs. As a new driver, you will want to drive around with friends but you must make sure that you don’t let passengers distract you especially as a new driver.

Importantly, you must make sure you are insured to drive. Although insurance is expensive as a new driver, it is an offence to drive without it. If you accumulate more than six penalty points within two years of passing your test, you will lose your licence and will have to go through the whole process of passing both test again. And as a new driver, you would not want to risk that after all the effort you have put in!

It is also a good idea to take some lessons on the motorway and in difficult conditions. Driving on the motorway can be a daunting experience and so going on the motorway for the first time in an instructor car is the safest and easiest way to do so. The Pass Plus course would give you the chance to have motorway lessons and practice driving in difficult conditions such as in the evening. It could also save you money on your car insurance!

So, congratulations on passing your driving test but make sure you remember these points to start you off as a new driver! Let us know your thoughts by using the comments link below:

Safe driving from Britannia!

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