January 23, 2014

Court For Driving Through A Puddle

Generally when a driver drives through a puddle, soaking pedestrians in the process, this goes unreported. Not in Essex, however.

A 22-year-old driver in Colchester reportedly failed to slow down after creating a ‘large wave’ that drenched children and their parents on the way to school.

Unluckily for him, there was a police offer in the car behind him who witnessed the incident. The motorist has now been reported for careless driving under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act, meaning he could receive a court summons and a £5,000 fine or be ordered to attend a driver awareness course.

The driver was seen going at a relatively fast speed through the puddle resulting in children and parents walking to St George’s Junior School in Colchester getting soaked in cold, dirty rain water.

The police officer who stopped the motorist, PC Mark Hercules, said that the driver’s ‘actions caused distress to the young children’.

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