February 20, 2014

Driving in Water

With the now infamous flooding pouring in all over the country, it is inevitable that our roads are soon to be swamped. Whilst here at Britannia we do advise against driving around any flooded areas, we do know that sometimes it can be unavoidable when you reach an unexpectedly waterlogged road.

Here are our top tips for driving in flood zones:

– Keep an eye as far ahead as possible. If the road ahead is even slightly flooded, approach with caution. Do not enter a flooded area if you are unsure where the flooding ends.

– Drive slowly to avoid soaking other cars and/or pedestrians.

– Drive on the highest section of the road you can to avoid submerging yourself in water unnecessarily.

– Ensure that you keep your revs high all the time whilst driving through water.

– When in deep water, keep your foot firmly on the accelerator at all times- this will help to prevent water from travelling up the exhaust of your car and causing damage.

If your local area is at risk of flooding, do try to avoid any journey at all, unless absolutely essential. Driving in flooding can only put both yourself and your car at risk.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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