August 29, 2014

Back to School Driving Tips

That time of year has rolled around again – the Autumn has approached without warning, bringing with it the synonymous wet weather and hazardous driving conditions. Most important of these is to recognise that as the summer draws to a close, the “back-to-school” period will soon be back in full swing, and so you will have to adjust your driving style accordingly.

Most importantly is to remember that there will be a sudden abundance of children around the roads again, specifically around the times of 8am-9am and 2.30pm-4pm – and so if you will be driving in these peak periods, take this into account, especially if you will be driving near a school.

Make sure you are aware that there will be a sudden influx of cars on the roads as parents re-adjust to the school run – if this will conflict with your commute, then it may be wise to consider taking an alternative route to avoid the congestion.

Also bear the weather in mind – autumn leaves make for a peaceful, melancholy image, but they can play havoc with driving conditions. Be aware of wet leaves on the ground which can make roads slippy and dangerous, as well as accommodating for the increasingly wet weather conditions.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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