August 28, 2014

Careless Driving On The Motorway

According to a survey carried out, 52% of drivers admit to being middle lane hogs, a year after new laws were brought in to stop it.

Young drivers are the most likely to admit to this habit with 41% admitting to sticking in lane two. They were also least likely to be able to correctly identify lane 1 as the ‘cruising lane’ with 1 in 10 believing this to be the ‘lorry lane’ and 5% believing it to be the ‘acceleration/deceleration lane’.

The confusion over correct motorway etiquette, particularly amongst young drivers, is unsurprising given that there is no requirement for new drivers to take motorway lessons. In fact, of those surveyed, 51% taught themselves to drive on motorways only 10% had a motorway lesson with a driving instructor after passing their test.

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