October 5, 2011


When something is obvious we are able to respond, i.e. when snow is on our roads, we adapt our driving however, what about the hazards autumn brings.

There is very little advice available to drivers about the hazards autumn brings, such as low sun, evenings becoming dark in the blink of an eye, strong winds, heavy rain, fallen leaves and poor visibility.

Many drivers will know the frustration of being dazzled by low sun, the sun visor does nothing, the windscreen looks filthy and you find it hard to see anything in front of you. Well keeping a pair of sunglasses in the car will help and ensuring that the windscreen is free from dirt on both the inside and the outside, this also means ensuring your window screen wash is topped up.

Leaves on the road can become a huge hazard for motorists and pedestrians alike. Firstly they can cover road markings and obscure junctions. Secondly they can make the roads wet and slippery, so it’s important to take drive carefully and take extra care on tree-lined roads.

Wind can cause a multitude of problems, with vehicles being difficult to control on open roads and debris causing drivers to swerve.

The main piece of advice we can give is take extra care, plan ahead and ensure your car has been serviced and can handle the transition from summer to autumn and then through to the cold winter months.

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