September 17, 2013

Driving in Autumn

Although we all hate to admit it, it seems that summer has finally gone, and we are left with the lukewarm embrace of autumn around us. While this may offer a welcome break from the blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures, it can provide us with hazardous driving conditions. Here are Britannia’s top tips for autumnal driving:

– Remove condensation. This can obscure your view and make driving much more dangerous. Clear your windscreen before any journey.

– Watch out for leaves. Leaves falling provide a huge hazard for motorists, as not only can they block up your windscreen and impair your vision while on the road, combine them with the all-too familiar autumn rain and suddenly wet leaves become as dangerous a slipping hazard as icy roads.

– Keep headlights on.  As the days get shorter and the evenings get darker, keeping headlights on becomes more of a necessity. Illuminate the road as much as you can to maximise your field of view and to make yourself as visible as possible to other drivers.

Safe driving this autumn from Britannia!

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