October 1, 2012

Autumn Driving.

As Autumn begins to set in, the mornings get more crisper, as you walk out the door you feel the chappy wind run across your face, and eventually you start to layer up a little more. The summer is well and truly over for another year. What does this mean for car drivers though?

For those of us who drive to work in the mornings, we begin to appreciate our cars so much more. Yes, when you first jump in it feels cold, but as we turn the heating up to max and flick the radio on loud, we start to feel the real benefits of a car. Been in a warm car, cut off from the bitterly winds, is a great thing.

Remember to check the following as the nights draw in and the weather drops more.

1) Ensure your water and oil is topped up sufficiently
2) Check that all of your lights work
3) Keep a towel in the car to clear the windscreen

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