October 9, 2017

Watch out for Potholes!

Potholes are becoming a regular occurrence on Britain’s roads, resulting in damage to vehicles and posing a potential hazard. Although it is the responsibility of the council to deal with potholes, they can only act accordingly if members of the public (including you!) report them in the first place.

Potholes are the result of moisture entering the cracks in the road, which expands when it freezes in cold weather conditions. The holes get larger as they are driven over which causes further damage to the structure of the road.

The impact potholes may cause to a vehicle can vary from buckled wheels, tyre damage, cracked alloys and in more severe cases, loss of control that can result in an accident.

Protect yourself and your vehicle by keeping alert and your eyes peeled for dreaded potholes. Watch your speed, too – the faster you go over a pothole, the greater the impact. Be mindful when driving in wet weather, for potholes may be hidden under puddles.

Finally, always keep a firm hold of the steering wheel with both hands when driving on a road with potholes so as to maintain full control of your vehicle.

Safe driving from Britannia!