October 6, 2017

Windscreen and Wiper Checks

When driving it goes without saying that you will want maximum visibility. A mucky windscreen will impede your vision and cause distraction, so always keep it clean and free of bird droppings, squashed bugs, tree sap and nasty smears.

Cold water won’t shift diesel and oily deposits, and a soapy sponge will prove difficult when trying to remove stubborn blotches. Your local home and motor store should sell a good wax polish or alcohol-based cleaner you can use, which you’ll find proves far more effective.

You should regularly check your widescreen wipers for any damage or wear and tear. If the rubber of the blades is nicked in places, not only will they fail to clean the glass properly, but will leave annoying streak marks across it, that you can live without!

Safe driving from Britannia!