July 28, 2017

Stay in Control

Even the safest, most vigilant drivers may lose control of their vehicle at some point. Whether you skid on water or ice, or even end up in a collision, it is important to try and regain control of your vehicle as quickly and calmly as possible. Always avoid panicking and keep calm, however difficult that might be. Keep your eyes open and your hands firmly on the wheel, so that you are ready to act accordingly once you have regained full control of the vehicle. It’s also advisable to shift your gear stick into neutral, so you are not allowing unnecessary power to the wheels.

Remember, you might not necessarily need to stop the vehicle; it all depends on the situation that you find yourself in. However, if you are able to stop and get out of the car, always make sure that you are out of the danger zone before doing so. Other vehicles that were following you might be heading for the same hazard and they could lose control as well.

Safe driving from Britannia!