June 8, 2017

Look After your Tyres

Maintaining the correct air pressure, regularly checking tread depth and keeping an eye out for external damage are all essential factors of keeping your tyres in good nick! Try to avoid skidding and swerving, and if you regularly travel long distance, it’s probably wise to carry out the above checks more often.

Say you’re driving along and realise or think you have a flat tyre – oh no! First things first: keep calm, find a safe place to pull over and check it out. Remember to turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers, apply your handbrake so as to minimise the possibility of your car rolling, and switch off the engine. A lot of cars nowadays come with a puncture repair kit, which might save you from having to change the tyre. If not though, be sure you know how to do this before going for a drive on your own, otherwise you’ll need to contact the rescue team!

Safe driving from Britannia!