October 10, 2017

Use Those Indicators!

While indicating may not always seem a big deal when driving, failure to do so can cause big problems, even accidents. It’s important to use your indicators to tell other road users what you’re doing and where you’re going.

This could be on approaching a junction, overtaking a parked vehicle or obstruction or if pulling over when safe and legal to do so. It is also important to indicate before pulling off, after checking your mirrors of course. When exiting a roundabout, indicate left to let other road users know where you’re getting off so they can proceed accordingly. Not doing so can confuse other drivers who may pull out in front of you as a consequence.

Always indicate when changing lanes on a dual carriageway or the motorway, and in plenty of time before joining or entering. And of course, always remember to cancel your indicator when no longer in use. Many cars will do this automatically, but sometimes your indicator may stay on which can also confuse other drivers.

Be respectful and considerate to other road users – causing unnecessary confusion could trigger road rage, or worse, an accident.

Safe driving from Britannia!