January 6, 2014

Too Much Emphasis On Manoeuvres?

The practical driving test is constantly critiqued and suggestions made on how to improve the way the test is conducted. One main suggestion is the emphasis placed on manoeuvres in the practical test.

The practical test currently consists of 35-40 minutes of driving including a 10 minute independent drive and one manoeuvre. There are currently growing concerns over the number of accidents involving new drivers and what can be done to prevent this.

One suggestion is that due to the structure of the practical test, much emphasis is placed when learning to drive on the manoeuvres since they are perceived as the most difficult aspect of driving. However, the time spent in perfecting the manoeuvres is perhaps better spent on providing the learner with great driving experience.

Since manoeuvres are not a factor in reducing the number of accidents on our roads, they should perhaps be signed off by the instructor whilst the practical test would merely focus on whether the learner would be a safe driver.

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