January 3, 2014

Theory Test Tips

While most learner drivers will be fretting and worrying about their upcoming driving test, a significant stage of the learning-to-drive process is the theory test – while often overlooked as less important than its practical counterpart, without first passing your theory test you will not be able to progress onto your practical test.

To sit your theory test you will need both parts of your provisional driving license. The theory test is comprised of two separate parts: a multiple choice question and answer section, and a hazard perception section.

The multiple choice will give you a question based on every day driving scenarios and a selection of potential answers from which you will be required to select the correct answer (of which there may be more than one!). The pass rate for this section is a minimum of 43 correct answers out of 50 – this section will last for 57 minutes.

The hazard perception will show you a series of 14 video clips displaying everyday driving scenarios. In each clip there will be at least one “Developing hazard” – as the name suggests, this will be some issue that is likely to result in danger to yourself, or someone or something around you, for example it may be a car pulling out of a junction further down the road ahead of you, or a pedestrian waiting to cross the road in front of you. The most you can score for correctly identifying a hazard is 5 points, and the pass rate for this will be a minimum of 44 points out of a possible 75.

Most people will say that the Theory test requires a combination of driving know-how and a common sense – if you have both of these, we are sure you will do fine.

Good luck with your Theory Test from Britannia!

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