November 6, 2013

Learning the Manoeuvres

Ask any learner – manoeuvres are by far the most dreaded part of learning to drive. These are the bay park, turn in the road, Parallel Park and reverse round a corner. But, these manoeuvres are nothing to worry about.

Firstly, they are a very minor part of the driving test – the main thing about the driving test is the actual driving, if you have a good drive then you are more than likely to pass your driving test.

Most learners will agree that the turn in the road is the easiest of the lot whilst the Parallel Park and the reverse round a corner are somewhat more difficult. They require much multitasking, memory and coordination.

Jane Hunt of Britannia Driving School says, ‘If you break down the manoeuvres into simple steps, the task becomes less daunting’.

The main thing to remember with these manoeuvres is as long as you remember your observations (for other road users and the kerb) and you maintain control of the vehicle, you will be fine.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School reassures learners, ‘Very few people fail on a manoeuvre.’

Britannia’s advice is practice the manoeuvres by breaking them down, remember your observations and be confident because the likelihood of failing your test because of the manoeuvre is very small. Just remember, you will only get one manoeuvre on the test, you have around 30 minutes of driving to get through as well.

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