November 26, 2013

Teen Driving Statistics

Unfortunately motoring accidents involving teen drivers are a huge problem. Rarely does a week go by that stories aren’t reported of young drivers being injured or killed on UK roads.

Statistics show that young drivers are the most at risk when behind the wheel. Figures have revealed that a third of deaths of 13-19 year olds occurred when in a car in the year 2010, and that over half (56 %) of teens openly admit to driving whilst on the phone, despite this doubling the likelihood of an accident.

Most new drivers, having recently passed their tests, use their newfound freedom of driving as a social activity, often taking groups of friends out for a drive, and often at evening and night-times. However a worrying statistic shows that for every additional passenger inside a vehicle, a 17-year-old driver’s death rate will increase dramatically.

When it comes to teen passengers in a car, only 44% said that they would speak up if their friends’ driving was concerning them, with most content to sit idly by in a vehicle driving dangerously.

All drivers need to exercise caution behind the wheel – but with teen drivers being most at risk, it is no surprise that a new drive is being pushed forward by driving program BRAKES.

These statistics speak for themselves. Take care when out driving, and don’t allow your age to become a factor in you becoming another teen driving tragedy statistic.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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