March 18, 2014

Scottish Voted Worst UK Drivers

Scottish drivers are the worst on UK roads, a new survey has shown.

One and a half thousand Scottish motorists have broken a series of new laws issues by the government to clamp down on poor driving behaviour, such as lane-hogging and tailgating.

Since the changes were implemented in August last year, over 5,000 drivers were penalised for their bad driving habits, with a proportional majority of these on Scottish roads.

These driving transgressions included driving through puddles and drenching pedestrians, as well as mounting the pavement.

When proven to be guilty of the offences, the perpetrators were liable for on-the-spot fines of £100 and 3 points on their license, or the option to take a Safe Driving Course.

The issue seems much more significant when it is considered that the fatal crash rate was higher on Scottish roads than elsewhere in the UK.

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