March 19, 2014

Manual or Automatic?

One of the first decisions to make before starting lessons is whether to learn on a manual or automatic.

It is perceived easier to learn on an automatic car due to the lack of a clutch and gears. However, you must bear in mind that all the other complexities, apart from the clutch and gears, in driving still exist in an automatic. So, it is true that learning in an automatic is easier due to the absence of gears but everything else still remains the same.

The only downside to passing in an automatic is that it restricts you to only driving in an automatic car and you would need to take another practical test in order to be able to drive a manual car. Fortunately, more and more cars are automatic and so the availability of automatic cars is much higher than previously. So a lot of motorists are now finding no need to be able to drive in a manual car as automatic cars are more readily available.

Passing in a manual car entitles you to drive in both an automatic and manual car with no need for a further practical test. If you are looking to passing your test quickly, you may want to consider intensive driving courses which can see you taking your practical test within 2 weeks.

If you can’t make up your mind, it is best to take an introductory lesson on a manual car and an automatic car and see which one you prefer to learn on.

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