March 17, 2014

Fined For Stopping At A Zebra Crossing

Graham Wilkinson, from Shoebury, Essex, has been fined £35 for letting his son get out of his van whilst he was stopped at a zebra crossing. At the time, Wilkinson thought nothing of it but the seven-second stop, which also allowed pupils to cross the road safely, was caught on camera by Southend Council’s spy car and has landed him with a parking ticket and a potential £70 fine.

Council officials say Wilkinson was ‘parked’ during the brief stop outside Shoeburyness High School in Southend-On-Sea, Essex. However, Wilkinson argues that he could not have driven on even if he wanted to as children were walking across the zebra crossing and it is at that point his son got out the car. Wilkinson also spoke to a police officer who informed him that he had not broken road traffic law.

There is an appeals process if people wish to challenge a penalty charge notice and a significant number of tickets given as a result of these spy cars are found to have been given out in error.

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