July 25, 2008

Tailgaters endanger the safe driver

Tailgaters are people, who drive too close to other cars, normally wanting to overtake, cause disruption or make the driver in front speed up. According to national figures, tailgaters are twice as likely to follow safe drivers who stick at the speed limit.

Tailgaters are responsible for around 10,000 road accidents per year in Britain alone! The study undertaken also revealed that 90 percent of drivers were being followed too closely when they observed the Highway Code.

The tailgaters use bullying tactics and unfortunately, their targets are usually safe drivers who are parents with small children, the elderly and disabled.

When one is tailgated, the heart rate increases and this causes stress, which is not good when driving. This stress is even more likely to cause the accident.

Tailgating has also been named as the most annoying habit on the road deeming it the worst offence especially for a safe driver.

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