July 18, 2014

Penalty for Phone-Driving to Double

The penalty for using your mobile phone when behind the wheel is set to double, under new plans from the Government.

The Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin has announced that he intends to increase the punishment from three points to six, after a recommendation by Metropolitan Police after the first increase in mobile-related road deaths in ten years.

The move could have dramatic repercussions for repeat offenders – meaning that if you are caught using the phone whilst driving more than once in a two-year period, you are liable to be banned from driving.

Using the phone when driving a car is an extremely dangerous activity – one that puts not only yourself and your passengers in danger, but also pedestrians and other road users around you. It seems that the main problem is simply that those using their mobile when driving simply don’t think they are going to get caught – however with these tougher penalties being imposed, hopefully the rate of accidents related to mobile phone use will be able to drop as much as possible.

What are your thoughts on this article? Are the proposed new penalties too harsh, or has this been long overdue?

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