April 23, 2014

Half Of Motorists Use Phone Whilst Driving

Almost half of all motorists have admitted to using their phone whilst behind the wheel, despite mobile use while driving being banned for 10 years.

A survey by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line found three in 10 drivers send or read texts while driving, and one in eight use apps. The charity believes that the current ban on using hand-held devices behind the wheels has left many drivers unaware that using a hands-free mobile at the wheel is just as risky. However, studies have shown the risk of being in a crash that causes injury is increased four times for drivers on both hand-held and hands-free phones, with reactions 50% slower than under normal conditions.

It has been shown that the effect of using a phone whilst driving is greater than drinking certain levels of alcohol. Reaction times have been found to be 30% slower while using a hands-free phone than driving with a blood alcohol level of 80mg/100ml blood (the current UK limit).

A recent survey has found that phone use whilst driving is the UK’s most hated habit, with it appearing as more of a nuisance to older motorists.

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