November 19, 2013

Call for Complete Ban on Phones in Cars

A road safety group known as Brake have suggested that mobile phones should be turned off whilst driving, and even hands-free mobile sets should be banned from use in the car.

The controversial statement comes after an evaluation of the issue gave results implying that anyone using the phone behind the wheel, to any degree, posed a supposedly similar threat to those driving whilst intoxicated by alcohol.

It also indicated that drivers can, regardless of responsibility when driving, become involved in “horrific” accidents simply through the sheer carelessness of using a mobile device when behind the wheel.

The use of mobile phones when driving was banned over a decade ago, yet the problem persists to this day, remaining, if not growing as a threat to road users, with more drivers on UK roads now than ever before in history, and with mobile phones now much more popular than they were ten years ago.

Some even call for action to be taken as extreme as having it illegal for a river to have a mobile on their person when in the driving seat, suggesting that instead phones should be turned off and placed in the boot for the duration of the journey.

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